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Jan 5, 2022 - Jan 31, 2022

Beginners Pilates

  • 27Days


Something knocked you for six? Need to regain the muscles and flexibility you used to have? Want to give yourself a new lease of life and not rely on pills full of side effects? These 45 minute sessions are for groups of up to 15 on Zoom. If you have never tried Joseph Pilates' method before, now is the time! I will show you how to rehabilitate, move and lift safely and twist and turn like a cat. If you have conditions (arthritis, back pain, replacement joints), consult your doctor first. They are likely to refer you to me. Why? Because I take into account what is safe for you now and will provide you with enjoyable movements you can practise every day to grow stronger. I strongly advise having one-to-one classes with me first before joining a group.




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