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A festival of movement!

Remember bouncing up and down at a festival - for hours? No? Read on!

Today's class featured a light introduction to the principles of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training).

We all enjoy the moves, right? While not everyone likes the kind of 'music' you get in gyms, working to a set period of time is beneficial. Eg:

2 minutes of tooth-cleaning with an electric brush =

  • 1 min on top set 1 min on bottom set, doing squats throughout.

Well, that makes about 50 squats twice a day, without having to remember to find time in your day!

So if you have some music you love, marry your movements with the movement of, say, Schubert that you're listening to. Or perhaps with the verses of an Earth Wind and Fire song, moving to a different exercise for the chorus. It will enliven your days!

Find today's video and pause

  • Find 'Star' by E W F, or music YOU love (about 90 beats per min)

  • Work on the warm up routine to music for 30-60 secs

  • Rest and observe / gentle movement for 30 secs

  • Resume

Stay well.

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