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Eat more, do less

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

Turn it all on its head? Who do you know who has succeeded in feeling strong and healthy doing this?

To keep it brief, you CAN eat more organic greens, spiced sumptuous meals that have only organic meat occasionally. Many parts of India are completely vegan and we ARE in Veganuary - see Wicked Leeks by Riverford for more

Who said 'You can't run away from a bad diet'? Perhaps Dr Mark Hyman in his podcasts. Still, it's a nice one.

Running is not essential, but fast walking is healthy. So do less sweating? Less worrying?

What would you choose to do more and less of? Perhaps working your upper body strength as well as the walking?

Happy New Year to you all and please share your tips and links - the best can integrate the next blog.

In the video, I review Rangan Chatterjee's book. As quickly as I can!

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