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Eat more, do less

We don't have to cut down on everything. Just the crap. I know a few amazing people who have succeeded in feeling strong and healthy doing this. Do you?

To keep it brief, you CAN eat more organic greens, spiced sumptuous meals that have only organic meat occasionally. Many parts of India are completely vegan and they are not weaklings.

If you're interested in eating in line with the seasons and in harmony with nature, like our grandparents might have - without the supermarket films and unnecessary plastic packaging, try Riverford. Let me know first because they do give a little incentive to both you and me if you decide to go plastics (almost) free!

So much for eating. Have you ever heard someone say 'I'll run that burger/ Mars bar off''?

You can't run away from a bad diet, says Dr Mark Hyman in his Doctor's Farmacy podcasts.

Running is great but not essential, fast walking is healthy. So do less sweating? Less worrying?

What would you choose to do more and less of? Perhaps working your upper body strength as well as the walking?

It's kind of late to wish you all a happy New Year, so happy onset of Spring.

In this video, I review Rangan Chatterjee's book, briefly, because it's so simple but just needs applying!

Give me a call on 07780 195848 if you want to join my healthy PIlates classes with movements that will get your day going and have your mind focussed.

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