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HIIT: Long or short bursts of exercise? A quick test.

In today's online Zoom Pilates class we looked at the prospect of building our strength and cardiovascular fitness in a measurable way through High Intensity Interval Training ( HIIT).

We've surely all aware that short bursts of serious work, be that in the garden or in a studio, yield great results for the heart muscle, fat-burning etc. This is usually done with trainers on, towel and water handy. Today we did a test to see whether you're fit enough to do the 30 seconds work, 30 seconds and hydration and rest. And you were. Easily.

We noted down how many repetitions in 30 seconds you could complete when pushing yourself, and with the best technique (knees tracking correctly, all the stuff we've been working on through the Zoom classes...) of:

1) Standing squats - hinged fwd (minimum 10)

2) Standing lunge - going fwd (min 10)

3) Jump squat - breath in squat with prayer hand, breathe out jump, arms behind you. (min 10) 4) Supine: One leg stretch (min 10 pairs) Change breath each each pair

5) Plank hold on forearms (min 10 secs without sagging).

We noted our totals for the beginning of the month in a diary, or something you can refer back to. Then you can compare at the end of the month if you keep up a really good routine of intensive exercise this month! It's motivating to see how, contrary to the belief of many, ageing is not entirely downhill!

On the subject of downhill, I would encourage you to listen to the BBC Sounds app, radio 4. Michael Moseley's 'Just one thing' encourages us to try one new thing to improve our health and Wellbeing. Today I listened to the one on eccentric exercise. Jogging/ Walking downhill is surprisingly effective for growing our muscles...

I also mentioned that, if you're willing, I am giving face-to-face classes at the Wellbeing Space in Farnham, Surrey, now on a Wednesday evening. 6.45pm. It's just above Roost (excellent) cafe, near Waitrose at the bottom of its carpark. Prices are v reasonable. Max numbers 8 per group. Lovely atmosphere. Maybe if you're happy to stick with Zoom early in the morning, you could suggest it to your for details.

And the final thing is monthly Tuesday evening EcoCinemas in Farnham's Wrecclesham Pottery are really worth visiting, sharing food and a will to do something good for our planet. It's just been but look out for the one in May

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