Jog on, Johnson

Updated: Jul 10

Didn't come here for politics? Hold on, this is about health - body, mind and soul. Integrity means unifying these. It's just he is such a good example!

The body: Boris jogs - or used to - but if you eat gammon and chips regularly your arteries will not 'run it off'. Integrity is needed - healthy nutrition plus exercise!

The mind: Boris wrote one speech to convince Brits to leave the European Union and another to warn against such a dangerous path. So there was no unity of purpose at the head. Groucho Marx exclaimed "Those are my principles, and if you don't like them I have others", but he was a proper comedian. Boris swings with the wind; fighting the cause of the Ukrainians invaded by 'Soviets', though he offered a life peerage to Evgeny Lebedev - whose father is a close and powerful 'friend' of Putin - and who perhaps owns the very newspaper you read. It's easy to understand. Just follow the money, but there is no integrity at all here. Integrity would be knowing your mind, considering and following a decent course of action.

The soul: Ahhh. Does it even exist? If you stood Boris Johnson next to, say, Mahatma Gandhi - which would we say selflessly dedicates his life's purpose to the betterment of humankind, a common will for doing the best to favour the world and its place in the universe? With Johnson it was all too clear to see, conversely, the greed, the old boys' network, selfishness and pride. The infighting, illicit money, kingmaking, subterfuge, hypocrisy... well, it's not nourishing for the soul.

Integrity, then. Healthy body: sustainable, regular attention to health and fitness in all its dimensions; healthy mind: voting for unity in Europe (Greens, Lib Dems), rather than Putin's preffered splintering (Brexit), sticking by altruistic and well-considered principles and acting upon them; and a healthy soul: perceiving good, thinking good, speaking and doing good for all.

As we bid Boris farewell, (and I think that's right, no point resenting the damage he's done - primarily Brexit), we can all play our small part in this, and I really hope we do.

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