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Neck and shoulders

If you feel stinging pains down your arms, it's likely to be an impinged nerve around the neck and there is something you can do about it. Do see your GP (if possible). Don't do what you see in this picture, purlease! But try out today's session and we will build on this on Wednesday. It's mostly about giving space to the joints. There are many ways: downward facing dog, or roll down if you need to take the weight off; both these allow your cervical spine joints to be more spacious. You can also do isometric contractions, where you gradually meet the resistance of your hand with your forehead, your temple and your occiput (back of head). This builds up the muscle. We aim for stability, mobility, strengthening and flexibility pretty much in that order.

Have fun with this class, which will serve you for seven days, no longer. If you would like to invite your friends or family to get in touch if they have seen my session they can use the website or my email

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