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Spread your wings and fly

I am glad to be using my coaching skills more than I used to. It's a while since those wings have been furled.

Today, I gave wings more than any Red Bull. This morning's Pilates class was for those who, like me, need a quick fitness fix before work. Whatever the weather.

Oh, you've never been to my classes, you say? To let you try before you buy, I'm putting a link on my site so you can attend one of my classes just as you would do as one of my tribe. They're lovely folks, young at heart and young of back.

So, when you have 45 minutes free, give it a go. Then get in touch via or scroll down and leave a message on here. We can establish your level and decide on face to face or online classes.

This class is about flapping your arms with aplomb. Or with weights and bands. You're likely to feel a nice little gingery burn on hips and upper arms. You will have grown some muscle in only 45 minutes! Then play it again. I have a whole series of other moves to help you feel great.

Give me 6 months with you and you'll have a whole new body - as Joseph Pilates used to say.

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