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Rasping coughs of Covid - the cost of living

I sang at a pub open mic. It went down a storm and I went down with the disease. 9 days of no work that I could ill afford! There's no backstop and I have never claimed any funding from the taxpayer.

We must continue to live and enjoy life. However frustrating, we must still keep encouraging pubs to ventilate. I lost £450 approx as a self-employed Pilates instructor and musician. This included missing out on working at Birmingham NEC for SplashMaps, my brother's wearable mapping company. Our family is all about staying well and enjoying the great outdoors.

The only thing that kept working over those 9 days was my Zoom online classes.

0715 Mon and 0715 Wed.

Only if I have completely lost my voice or worse do I ever cancel these.

I run them for a really low cost to encourage as many people as possible to nurture good habits they can sustain in the long term. There's no time like the present, so perhaps you'd like to join our friendly group and see how it fits your lifestyle.

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