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Feel lighter


Overture means opening: the body, the lungs, the mind.

Pilates means safe exercise and movement at any age.


We all want better energy, a stronger back and a longer, happier life, right? 

Trained through Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute (APPI) I support men and women to beat pain, feel energised, supported and supple for their daily work and play.

Weights in Park

John Overton

Who is Pilates for?

Is it for me?
- we all want... AVOID back pain, tight muscles, stiff neck, bladder problems and incontinence, tiredness, aches, sore shoulders, lack of balance, brittle bones, fractures, twists and sprains, hospital, pills and drugs be stronger, with stable joints, a flatter belly, a stronger back, better balance, to bend down, to reach up higher, to stretch pain-free, to avoid pills, to lift a child, to play as well as we work

John balance pads balance_edited.png

Overture Pilates can be part of this goal.

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It's a balance pad!
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