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Well, it used to work...

If you don't use it (muscles, joints), you lose it, right? It's a truism, but how easily forgotten. The second week of the new year might be the most 'meh' of all. We slip into routines that keep us desk-bound, chair bound, egg-bound. Er.

Even standing to work at your computer can bring your spine into better alignment. Music stands help.

Also crank up desks from Ikea give you the choice to sit or stand as you work.

Or if that's not for you, have you checked out Hoki stools?

Most importantly move every twenty minutes. Doesn't have to be all of my Pilates routine. Just select a couple of moves you feel you need. Even getting up from your chair (exhaling) and sitting back down (inhaling) without making a noise ( no whoopee cushions) ten times prepares you for the next little task of the day.

By the way, excuse the mess. It's quite normal, I'm afraid!

So why not try it?

Start writing a list of tasks to tick off.

10 squats

1 minute cranking your desk up to standing height

20 minutes undisturbed task work

1 minute check on something from your list elsewhere in your office / home

20 minutes work

2 mins loo / tea...

This blog has taken me over 30 minutes so it's time to move.

Join us at for lots of ideas to get your muscles working again as they used to! I'd love to see you power into '22!

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